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Gardens Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland
by Hester Macdonald, translated by Nadège Kittel
'Gardens Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland' ist das perfekte Buch für passionierte Gärtner, eifrige Botaniker und all die, die einfach gerne draussen sind. Jede der 52 Garte...
$38.00 (pb)
Staufen and Plantagenets
edited by Alheydis Plassmann and Dominik Büschken and contributions by Knut Görich, Stephen Church, Thomas Foerster, Stefanie Schild, Jonathan Lyon, Max Lieberman and Andrea Stieldorf
This volume focuses on phenomena, structures and constellations of power and rule in the 12th century from a comparative perspective. Comparing England and the Empire is a pro...
$57.00 (hb)
The First Latin Treatise on Ptolemy's Astronomy
by Henry Zepeda
The Almagesti minor is one of the most important works of medieval astronomy. The Almagesti minor, probably written in northern France circa 1200, is a Latin summary of the fi...
$202.00 (hb)
Jairus's Daughter and the Haemorrhaging Woman
by Arie W. Zwiep
In this work, Arie W. Zwiep examines the gospel stories of the raising of Jairus's daughter and the healing of the haemorrhaging woman (Mark 5:21-43; Matt 9:18-26; Luke 8:40-5...
$195.00 (hb)
Faaborg Museum and the Artists' Colony
by Gry Hedin, Gertrud Hvidberg Hansen, Peter Thule Christensen, Flemming Branddrup and Anders V. Munch
Behind rolling hills, overlooking the fjord and the islands of Southern Funen in Denmark, lies the Faaborg Museum. With its boldly coloured walls and decorative tile floors ma...
$56.00 (hb)
Reading the Post-Apartheid City
by Olivier Moreillon
This study analyses the representation of Durbanite and Capetonian urban spaces in the following selection of post-apartheid works: Mariam Akabor's "Flat 9", Rozena Maart's "R...
$74.00 (pb)
A Short Introduction to the Study of Language
by Ellen Thompson
A Short Introduction to the Study of Language provides an accessible and up-to-date invitation to key concepts of modern language study. Readers gain awareness of the scientif...
$100.00 (hb), $29.95 (pb)
Natur - Mythos - Religion im antiken Griechenland / Nature - Myth - Religion in Ancient Greece
edited by Tanja Susanne Scheer
English summary: Ancient Greeks viewed their natural environment as both benevolent and threatening. Traditional myth found the origins of this dynamic potential of their conc...
$72.00 (pb)
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