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International Arbitration
by Daniel Girsberger and Nathalie Voser
A great many new developments needed to be considered for the fourth edition of this popular book on international arbitration. To name only a few:
  • The recent revisi...
    $237.00 (hb)
  • Temple Grandin and the Mediation of Autism Debates at the Interface between Life Writing and the Life Sciences
    by Natalie Kruse
    Since its first official mentioning in 1943, autism spectrum disorder has proven to be a much-discussed yet seemingly unfathomable object of investigation by numerous discipli...
    $63.00 (hb)
    A Collage of Customs
    by Mark Podwal
    In A Collage of Customs, Mark Podwal's imaginative and inventive interpretations of woodcuts from a 16th-century Sefer Minhagim (Book of Customs) allow readers of this volume ...
    $17.95 (pb), $17.95 (pdf)
    Islam in Armenian Literary Culture
    by S.B. Dadoyan
    The Armenians' perspectives on and perceptions of Islam are some of the earliest and integral parts of Near Eastern interactive history, yet the subject remains in virtual obs...
    $132.00 (pb), $165.00 (pdf)
    Fores et Fenestrae
    by Lucia Michielin
    Fores et Fenestrae aims to analyse Roman doors and windows and their role as an essential part of daily life. They are the structures that connect not only rooms but also hous...
    $68.00 (pb)
    Zenon Vantini
    by Pamela Sambrook
    In this remarkable study, Pamela Sambrook rescues from obscurity the contribution of a former member of Napoleon's Imperial Guard to the development of specialist hotels and c...
    $30.00 (pb), $24.00 (pdf), $23.99 (oth)
    The Angela Burdett-Coutts Collection of Greek Manuscripts
    by Annaclara Cataldi Palau
    Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906), descendant of a wealthy and well-known family of bankers, inherited quite young, through a series of unpredictable circumstances, t...
    $117.00 (hb)
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