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The Yehud Coinage
by Haim Gitler, Catharine Lorber and Jean-Philippe Fontanille
This volume presents a die study of the provincial silver coinage of Judah in the late Persian, Macedonian, and early Hellenistic periods. It offers correct descriptions of th...
$150.00 (hb)
Worth More than Many Sparrows
edited by Sarah E. Rollens and Patrick Hart
When it comes to the study of religion, Willi Braun is a paragon of what a methodologically rigorous and epistemologically modest academic ought to look like. Braun's career b...
$95.00 (hb), $32.00 (pb)
Jesus as the Way to the Father in the Gospel of John
by Sajan George Perepparambil
The Christological exclusivism of John 14,6 has made it a tough row for scholars to hoe and gain yield from in theological discussions. Sajan George Perepparambil argues that ...
$143.00 (pb)
Olivier Messiaens 'Livre du Saint Sacrement'
by Dorothee Bauer
In his last monumental organ piece, "Livre du Saint Sacrement," the French composer Olivier Messiaen (1908-92) approaches the mystery of the eucharistic presence, using all el...
$149.00 (pb)
Language, Culture, Identity
edited by Maria Banas and Grzegorz Wlazlak
The contributions gathered in this volume attempt to take varied perspectives on current state of art within the field of linguistics, sociolinguistics and ethnolinguistics. T...
$46.00 (hb)
Perspektiven der Netzökonomie
edited by Volker Stocker, Franziska Birke, Gert Brunekreeft and Hans-Jörg Weiß
Günter Knieps has significantly shaped the research field of network economics in Germany. A recurring theme in his research is the question of the right balance between ...
$57.00 (hb)
by Jan Resnick
With a Foreword by Nancy McWilliams

The purpose of Meaning-Fullness: Developmental Psychotherapy and the Pursuit of Mental Health is to show why current mental he...

$49.95 (pb), $40.99 (oth), $41.00 (pdf)
Transmission and Tradition
edited by Ernst Prets
The ten contributions to this collected volume are based on papers that were presented at the symposium "Transmission and Tradition - The Meaning and the Role of 'Fragments' i...
$76.00 (pb)
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