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In Pursuit of Visibility
edited by Jennie Ebeling and Laura Mazow
In Pursuit of Visibility honors the distinguished career of a scholar of Canaan and ancient Israel, Beth Alpert Nakhai. In fifteen diverse essays, Professor Nakhai's students ...
$54.00 (pb)
Women in Policing
by Hannah Reiter
Basierend auf umfangreichen Interviewdaten wird begründet, dass die Polizei der untersuchten Länder (Österreich, England & Wales) aus stark verfestigten Strukturen besteh...
$62.00 (pb)
Krishnamacharya on Kundalini
by Simon Atkinson
Krishnamacharya on Kundalini explores a distinctive teaching of 'the father of modern yoga', T. Krishnamacharya. Whereas most yoga traditions teach that kundalini is a serpent...
$100.00 (hb), $35.00 (pb)
Lost Childhood and the Language of Exile
edited by Judit Szekacs-Weisz and Ivan Ward
The book contains reflections from Eva Almassy, Jacqueline Amati-Mehler, Pina Antinucci, Antal Bokay, Julia Borossa, John Clare, Ferenc Ero's, Susan Haxell,Eva Hoffman, Kathle...
$40.95 (pb)
Civic Identity and Civic Participation in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
edited by Cédric Brélaz and Els Rose
During the Ancient Greek and Roman eras, participation in political communities at the local level, and assertion of belonging to these communities, were among the fundamental...
$150.00 (hb)
'Ornamenta Sacra'
edited by R. Dekoninck, M.-C. Claes and B. Baert
This volume is dedicated to the study of late medieval and early modern liturgical objects, once known as ornamenta sacra. It encompasses a wide range of objects made of vario...
$200.00 (hb), $250.00 (pdf)
Norman Connections
edited by Viola Skiba, Nikolas Jaspert and Bernd Schneidmüller
On the occasion of a large cultural-historical special exhibition being shown in Mannheim's Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums in 2022/23, two publications provide new perspectives on th...
$37.50 (hb)
The Knowledge of the Holy
by A.W. Tozer
This classic of Christian testimony and devotion explores the attributes of God in words that fly straight to the heart. A superb aid to strengthening and deepening the spirit...
$34.00 (hb), $28.00 (pdf), $27.99 (oth), $35.99 (oth)
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