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Ciceronian Invectives
edited by Philipp Geitner, Dennis Pausch, Christoph Schwameis and Rainer Wierzcholowski
Political communication in the late Roman Republic was highly coloured by rhetorical repertoires featuring disparagement, shaming, and other related phenomena. One of the most...
$75.00 (hb)
Bloodshed by King Manasseh, Assyrians and Priestly Scribes
by Krzysztof Kinowski and consultant editor Pawel Makosa, Zdzislaw Kijas, Juan Luis Lorda, David Fagerberg, Klaus Baumann, Carl-Maria Sultana, Ilaria Ramelli, Lukasz Popko and Dalia Marx
King Manasseh of Judah is one of the most intriguing characters in the Bible. 2 Kings presents him as the wickedest of monarchs. In 2Kgs 24:3-4, he is accused of having provok...
$150.00 (hb)
Saints' Lives for Medieval English Nuns, II
edited by Veronica O'Mara and Virginia Blanton
Cambridge University Library, MS Additional 2604 contains a unique collection of prose saints' lives evenly divided into eleven universal and eleven native saints (predominant...
$138.00 (hb)
Sexual Online Grooming of Children
edited by Laura F. Kuhle and Daniela Stelzmann
Preparing potential victims for their later sexual abuse has always been an integral part of child sexual victimization. Sexual grooming is thus a common epiphenomenon of chil...
$80.00 (pb)
Look at the Coins! Papers in Honour of Joe Cribb on his 75th Birthday
edited by Helen Wang and Robert Bracey
The twenty-four contributions in Look at the Coins! reflect the vast scope of Joe Cribb's interests, including Asian numismatics, museology, poetry and art. The papers are arr...
$64.00 (pb)
The Mind of Whitehead
by Roland Faber
For Alfred North Whitehead, the fundamental basis of reality is connectivity; the possibility, interdependence and actualisation that defy our human desire for structure, cate...
$72.00 (pb), $58.00 (pdf)
The Older Liszt
by Peter Coleman
Franz Liszt is well known for his early years as 'super-star' pianist who excited audiences throughout Europe, but his later life is also of great interest. In his final 25 ye...
$90.00 (hb), $38.00 (pb), $31.00 (pdf), $30.99 (oth)
Paganism Persisting
by Robin Douglas and Francis Young
Paganism in Europe was not defeated by Christianity: it never went away. From the fourth century to the twentieth, against the background of a largely Christian culture, peopl...
$126.00 (hb)
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