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Classical Arabic Begging Poetry and Sakwa, 8th-12th Centuries
by Nefeli Papoutsakis
This monograph traces the history of two little-known and understudied genres of classical Arabic poetry, namely begging and complaint (sakwa) poetry, from their beginnings to...
$79.00 (pb)
Ex Oriente Lux et Veritas
edited by Karen Polinger Foster
This book presents expanded versions of the papers delivered at a symposium held during the 175th anniversary celebration of Yale's 1841 appointment of Edward Elbridge Salisbu...
$16.95 (pb)
The Dedicated Spiritual Life of Upper Rhine Noble Women
by Anneke B. Mulder-Bakker
Lady Gertrude Rickeldey of Ortenberg (d. 1335) was a noble widow who lived a spiritual, but secular life in her own household, first in Offenburg and later in Strasbourg, the ...
$107.00 (hb)
Social Life under the Abbasids
by Muhammad Manazir Ahsan
Some thirty years have passed since the original publication of M. M. Ahsan's Social Life Under the Abbasids, but it remains an invaluable resource for the study of the materi...
$44.95 (pb), $44.95 (pdf)
Gulfization of the Arab World
edited by Marc Owen Jones, Ross Porter and Marc Valeri
From projecting ideology and influence, to maintaining a notion of 'Gulfness' through the selective exclusion or inclusion of certain beliefs, cultures and people, the notion ...
$94.00 (hb)
Les Premiers Livres de Claude Simon (1945-1954)

The first four books published by Claude Simon between 1945 and 1954 were excluded from his literary output by the author himself; Simon judged them harshly. They are, however...
$53.00 (pb)
Studies in Ancient Egyptian Funerary Literature
edited by S. Bickel and L. Díaz-Iglesias
Ancient Egyptian funerary literature encompasses a complex, dynamic, and open group of texts and images selected to be deposited in mortuary settings. Despite this shared fina...
$132.00 (hb)
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