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Sacraments After Christendom

$23.00 (pb), $19.00 (pdf)
The Lord Is Here, and I Did Not Know It
by Jerome Santamaria
This study considers the intersection of person and revelation. The revelation of the person of Jesus Christ is the heart of Christianity. Christian revelation therefore takes...
$33.00 (pb)
Team Talk
edited by Srikant Sarangi and Per Linell
Decision-making in institutional/professional settings has remained an established theme for social science and communication researchers. In contemporary western societies, t...
$95.00 (hb), $29.95 (pb)
'Ornamenta Sacra'
edited by R. Dekoninck, M.-C. Claes and B. Baert
This volume is dedicated to the study of late medieval and early modern liturgical objects, once known as ornamenta sacra. It encompasses a wide range of objects made of vario...
$200.00 (hb), $250.00 (pdf)
Beyond Fragmentation
by Ingrid Pedroni
'Profoundly honest, unflinching in examining her own history as a thinker and clinician, Ingrid Pedroni challenges us to see where we have been and where we have failed, each ...
$40.95 (pb), $33.99 (oth), $40.95 (pdf)
The Archaeology of Tanamu 1
edited by Bruno David, Katherine Szabó, Matthew Leavesley, Ian J. McNiven, Jeremy Ash and Thomas Richards
The Archaeology of Tanamu 1 presents the results from Tanamu 1, the first site to be published in detail in the Caution Bay Studies in Archaeology series. In 2008-2010, the Ca...
$82.00 (pb)
Philosophy of Religion After 'Religion'
edited by Michael Ch. Rodgers and Richard Amesbury
Long framed in terms of Christian and secularist concerns, the field of philosophy of religion has recently been attempting to expand to include a wider, more diverse variety ...
$91.00 (pb)
Editing and Analysing Numerical Tables
edited by Mathieu Husson, Clemency Montelle and Benno van Dalen
Astronomical tables are a significant yet understudied part of the scientific historical corpus. They circulated among many cultures, and were adopted and transformed by astro...
$120.00 (hb)
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