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Crossing time and space - to commemorate Hanna Szymanska
edited by Karol Mysliwiec and Agnieszka Rys
The book is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Hanna Szymanska, written by eminent scholars, representing the fields of Egyptology, Classical Archaeology, Early Chr...
$100.00 (pb)
Material Culture and Identities in Egyptology
by Bettina Bader
The book examines the connection between identity and material culture, which forms the backbone of archaeology. The assumed direct relationship between the things of daily li...
$128.00 (hb)
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics - Volume 2
by Wang Guozhen
In about the 11th century BC, the Shang Dynasty declined in national strength, and was destroyed by King Wu of Zhou and a capital was established in Haojing- west of what is n...
$45.00 (hb), $35.00 (pb), $35.00 (pdf), $27.99 (oth)
Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra
edited by Reza Hajatpour and Maha El Kaisy-Friemuth
Zwei Philosophen und Mystiker, die wesentlich zur Ausarbeitung der Theologie und Mystik des Sufismus beigetragen haben, sind Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina (980-1037)...
$37.00 (hb)
A Healing Relationship
by Richard G. Erskine
A Healing Relationship: Commentary on Therapeutic Dialogues is about relationally focused psychotherapy, how the author works, and why. The first few chapters provide a brief ...
$40.95 (pb), $40.95 (pdf), $36.99 (oth)
Modern and Ancient Literary Criticism of the Gospels
edited by Robert Matthew Calhoun, David P. Moessner and Tobias Nicklas
The Gospels continue to defy efforts to fix 'generic' boundaries for determining their meanings. This volume discloses new stirrings and sightings of broader, more heuristical...
$237.00 (hb)
edited by Emma Buchanan
Despite (or more likely due to) being the culture which most affects and interacts with the masses, the broad and definition-evading category of 'popular culture' remains a se...
$59.00 (pb)
Pious Pilgrims, Discerning Travellers, Curious Tourists
edited by Paul Starkey and Janet Starkey
Pious Pilgrims, Discerning Travellers, Curious Tourists: Changing patterns of travel to the Middle East from medieval to modern times comprises a varied collection of seventee...
$78.00 (pb)
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