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Sacraments After Christendom
by Andrew Francis and Janet Sutton
In contemporary Western society the church has been pushed to the margins, leading experts to describe the current era as a time 'after Christendom'. Many traditional churches...
$23.00 (pb), $19.00 (pdf)
Bringing the Holy Land Home
edited by Amanda Luyster
A carefully-integrated group of studies begins with the so-called "Chertsey" ceramic tiles, depicting combat between King Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. Found at Chertsey ...
$125.00 (hb)
Middle Byzantine Aphrodisias
by Hugh Jeffery
Aphrodisias is one of the best-known archaeological sites in modern Turkey. The Aphrodisias Excavations Project has been ongoing since 1961, and in 2017 the site was inscribed...
$119.00 (hb)
Internal Family Systems Informed EMDR Therapy
edited by Millia Begum
With contributions from Zandra Bramford, Bruce Hersey, and Annabel McGoldrick.

This informative book examines a form of therapy for working with clients with comp...

$35.95 (pb), $28.99 (oth), $29.00 (pdf)
First Kings of Europe
edited by Attila Gyucha and William A. Parkinson
Scholars analyze and interpret data and artifacts from the most important museum collections in central Europe and the Balkans that illustrate the evolution of political hiera...
$75.00 (hb), $60.00 (pdf)
John Cassian and the Creation of Monastic Subjectivity
by Joshua Daniel Schachterle
John Cassian (360-435 CE) started his monastic career in Bethlehem. He later traveled to the Egyptian desert, living there as a monk, meeting the venerated Desert Fathers, and...
$100.00 (hb), $32.00 (pb)
Olympic Sport Organisations in Times of Crisis and Change
by Holger Preuss, Christiana Schallhorn and Norbert Schütte
Modern management is strategic and purpose-driven and has often been neglected in sports organizations. Here, for the first time, in close cooperation with eleven National Oly...
$59.00 (pb)
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