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The Afterlife of Avestan Manuscripts
by Saloumeh Gholami
This study examines the role of the paratext in the Zoroastrian writing tradition, with a focus on the Avesta manuscripts. She examines how paratexts, such as colophons and ma...
$224.00 (hb)
The Materiality of Medieval Administration in Northern England
by Abigail Armstrong
In the late Middle Ages, the Percy earls of Northumberland and the bishops of Durham were two of the largest landholders in the North East of England. This book is a study of ...
$119.00 (hb)
Zum Heil der Menschen
Felicísimo Martínez Díez
Das Buch des bekannten spanischen Dominikanertheologen Felicísimo Martínez Díez bietet in seinem ersten Teil eine kritische und gut kontextualisierte Analyse des Gründung...
$52.00 (hb)
Between Bible and Qur'an
by Uri Rubin
This book investigates the literary role played by the Bible in Islamic sources. It focuses on the tension between Biblical and Qur'anic models as revealed in Islamic texts de...
$144.00 (hb), $39.99 (oth)
Caesarism in the 21st Century
by Eric Fattor
The troubles of the contemporary moment in history can be interpreted many different ways. Indeed, there has been no shortage of analysis and commentary on events like the att...
$120.00 (hb), $170.00 (oth), $170.00 (pdf)
The Multifunctionality of a Medieval Hagiography
by Fiona Fritz
The 'Gesta et Passio' is a Latin hagiographic text written around 1112 by Ælnoth of Canterbury about the Danish king Cnut who was killed in 1086 and later venerated as St Cnut...
$75.00 (pb)
The Jerusalem Temple and the Temple Mount
by Joseph Patrich
The Temple eclipsed in its splendor and importance all other institutions of the Jews, both in the Land of Israel and in the Diaspora. It was the center of religious and natio...
$187.00 (hb)
Quick Notes on Accounting
edited by Anette von Ahsen, Dirk Schiereck and Matthias Wolz

$139.00 (hb)
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