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The Corpse in the Middle Ages
by Romedio Schmitz-Esser, translated by Albrecht Classen and Carolin Radtke
To what extent are the dead truly dead? In medieval society, corpses were assigned special functions and meanings in several different ways. They were still present in the dai...
$195.00 (hb)
Sexual Addiction
by Vamik Volkan
Vamik D. Volkan recounts the story of Judy, a woman attempting to solve her early life deprivations through non-chemical addiction. He provides an understanding of the psychol...
$24.95 (pb), $22.00 (pdf), $21.99 (oth)
Studia Patristica. Vol. CI - Gregory of Nyssa's Mystical Eschatology
edited by G. Maspero, M. Brugarolas and I. Vigorelli
Studies on Gregory of Nyssa are flourishing. In this highly valuable bibliography, two areas stand out: mysticism and eschatology. The former has also been at the centre of a ...
$119.00 (pb), $149.00 (pdf)
Drifting apart of transatlantic security
by Aylin Matle
For the first time, this book examines the comparative impact of the Obama administration on the NATO and defense policies of European allies. Germany, Poland and Turkey serve...
$66.00 (pb)
New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations
edited by Jürgen Gebhardt, Stefan Fröhlich, associate editor Jasmin Falk
The post-World War II order of an Atlantic West based on common values emerged from a complex, conflict-ridden Atlantic history and established itself as a powerful actor in w...
$44.00 (hb)
African Soil Protection Law
edited by Harald Ginzky and Oliver C. Ruppel
The protection of soil and the sustainable management of soils is a precondition for sustainable development, food security and the survival of humankind. Africa is the contin...
$207.00 (pb)
Beowulf and Beyond
translated by Dan Veach
Beowulf & Beyond is the first and only poetic translation to include not only Beowulf but all the best-known works of Anglo-Saxon literature in one convenient volume. Previous...
$19.95 (pb), $16.00 (pdf), $15.99 (oth)
Visual Culture, Heritage and Identity
edited by Andrzej Rozwadowski and Jamie Hampson
Visual Culture, Heritage and Identity: Using Rock Art to Reconnect Past and Present sets out a fresh perspective on rock art by considering how ancient images function in the ...
$42.00 (pb)
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