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Alfred the Great
by Daniel Anlezark
Alfred the Great is a rare historical figure from the early Middle Ages, in that he retains a popular image. This book provides a reassessment of the famous ruler of Wessex, i...
$14.95 (pb), $14.95 (pdf), $14.95 (oth)
Unity in Discourse
by Sonia S. Hasan and Jonathan J. Webster
Natural use of language is orderly - a fact that gets camouflaged by what has often been described as 'the messiness of language in use' but which, in fact, often arises from ...
$85.00 (hb), $42.95 (pb)
The Council of Trent
edited by Violet Soen and Wim François
Exactly 450 years after the solemn closure of the Council of Trent on 4 December 1563, scholars from diverse regional, disciplinary and confessional backgrounds convened in Le...
$125.00 (hb)
Costruire la Memoria
edited by Alessandro Galimberti, Roberto Cristofoli and Francesca Rohr Vio
English summary: This volume is composed of papers presented at a 2014 conference focused on Rome in the decades between the reforms of the Gracchi and the crisis generated by...
$200.00 (pb)
Delightful Acts
edited by Harold W. Attridge, Dennis R. MacDonald and Clare K. Rothschild
The impetus for this collection of essays on canonical and non-canonical Acts is to honor the scholarly achievements of Richard I. Pervo. Pervo pioneered the view that canonic...
$173.00 (hb)
Oral Traditions in South India
edited by Heidrun Brückner and B. A. Viveka Rai
The present volume studies three oral epic traditions in the Tulu language (a Dravidian language). They have been living performance traditions in the Tulu speaking coastal di...
$52.00 (pb)
Party, State, Revolution
edited by Bart van der Steen and Marc de Kesel
Slavoj Zizek is one of the most prominent public intellectuals of the left. His central claim holds that "today, it is more crucial than ever to continue to question the very ...
$55.00 (pb)
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