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The Ethics of the Enactment and Reception of Cruciform Love
by John Frederick
In this book, John Frederick compares the words and the governing ethical pattern of thought in the catalogue of virtue and vice in Colossians 3:5, 8, 12-17 with contemporaneo...
$120.00 (pb)
Investigation into the True Teaching
by Jens W. Borgland
Investigation into the True Teaching by Jens W. Borgland is a translation of the 10th century Jain philosophical Sanskrit text Satyasasanapariksa, composed by Vidyanandin. The...
$106.00 (pb)
Hearing the City in Early Modern Europe
edited by T. Knighton and A. Mazuela-Anguita
Hearing the City is a major new contribution to the field of urban musicology in the early modern period with twenty-one essays by leading figures in the field from Europe, th...
$86.00 (pb)
A Qur'ānic Apocalypse
by Michel Cuypers
The present volume closes a trilogy devoted to the exegesis of the Qurʾān analyzed according to the principles of Semitic rhetoric, a method of textual analysis deve...
$49.95 (pb), $40.00 (pdf)
Revisionist Approaches to American Realism and Naturalism
edited by Jutta Ernst, Sabina Matter-Seibel and Klaus H. Schmidt
The present volume responds to the paradoxical situation that, in recent decades, U.S. realism and naturalism have been treated as "a stepchild of American literary history" (...
$61.00 (hb)
Re-Assessing the Global Turn in Medieval Art History
edited by Christina Normore and Carol Symes
The growth in debates concerning the concept of 'the global' in medieval art history, and the more complex picture of Eurasian and African societies and material culture that ...
$115.00 (hb)
Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics

English summary: The Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics (LIP) is a leading research center for the development of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) and a world-class laboratory ...
$55.00 (pb)
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