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Worth More than Many Sparrows
edited by Sarah E. Rollens and Patrick Hart
When it comes to the study of religion, Willi Braun is a paragon of what a methodologically rigorous and epistemologically modest academic ought to look like. Braun's career b...
$100.00 (hb), $32.00 (pb)
Football as an Instrument of Nation-Building
edited by Markwart Herzog
Fussball ist längst mehr als nur ein Sport. Die Strahlkraft wirkt identitätsstiftend im Kleinen wir im Grossen, auf regionaler wie auf nationaler Ebene. Nationenturniere könne...
$57.00 (pb)
by Nicola Abel-Hirsch
Bion's life spanned key events in the twentieth century. Born in India in 1897, he came to boarding school in England aged 8 and at 18 fought in the tanks in World War One. He...
$24.95 (pb), $24.95 (pdf), $18.99 (oth)
Urnes Stave Church and Its Global Connections
edited by Kirk Ambrose, Griffin Murray and Margrete Syrstd Andas
Urnes is the oldest and best known of the Norwegian stave churches. Despite its rich sculptural program, complex building history, fine medieval furnishings, and UNESCO World ...
$207.00 (hb)
Inscriptions from Lisht
by James P. Allen
The inscribed objects found in or associated with the burial chambers of Middle Kingdom officials and other individuals provide an important addition to our understanding and ...
$100.00 (hb)
Understanding Chipped Stone Tools
by Brian Hayden
This is a unique and engaging book on prehistoric stone tools. It advocates an experiential approach in which analysts try to understand stone tool designs from the users' per...
$32.95 (pb), $26.00 (pdf), $26.99 (oth)
Obeah, Christ and Rastaman
by Ivor Morrish
This is a book about an extraordinarily rich and varied culture - a culture in which 'most of the religio-political movements of the world are to be found epitomised in some f...
$39.00 (pb)
Lutheran Dualities
edited by Christine Axt-Piscalar, Andreas Ohlemacher and Oliver Schuegraf
Week for week preachers are faced with the task of helping their listeners to read the Bible with its wide range of different texts. The so-called dualities of law and gospel,...
$12.00 (pb)
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