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by Brad Mehldau
For the first time, he offers an in-depth look at how he came to understand his adoption, survive sexual abuse, and overcome heroin addiction.

The book creates a ...

$50.00 (hb)
Flourishing Love
by Enrico Gnaulati
Flourishing Love is a secular defence of marriage and long-term intimate partnership. It rejects a moral-religious code to govern love lives and instead puts its faith in the ...
$19.95 (pb), $16.99 (oth), $16.00 (pdf)
De luxuria propagata romana aetate / Roman luxury in its many forms
edited by Lluís Pons Pujol and Jordi Pérez González
De luxuria propagata romana aetate / Roman luxury in its many forms focuses on luxonomics, or the economy of luxury in Roman times, and how its study is an element that is ess...
$84.00 (pb)
Teaching Canada I
edited by Geneviève Susemihl and Grit Alter
There are 1.8 million Indigenous people in Canada, accounting for five percent of the total population. They speak more than seventy languages and represent many different cul...
$40.00 (pb)
The Impact of Political Economy
edited by Piet Naudé, Michael Welker and John Witte Jr.
In our late modern pluralistic societies, there are tensions and complementarities between a plurality of individual and social claims and activities to shape societal life an...
$35.00 (pb)
A Judeo-Arabic Parody of the Life of Jesus
by Miriam Goldstein
Miriam Goldstein provides the first-ever examination of the Judeo-Arabic versions of Toledot Yeshu (TY), the notorious parody of the life of Jesus originating in Late Antiquit...
$162.00 (hb)
The Berlin Palace
by Guido Hinterkeuser
Guide of the Berlin Palace, which explains the cultural history of the destroyed building. Its 300 years of history mark a climax for the artistic and cultural history of the ...
$12.00 (pb)
L'Année rabelaisienne

Contributeurs : Daniel Bilous, Gianmario Cattaneo, Isabelle Conte, Michel Garcia, Jacques Grévin, Claude La Charité, Nicolas Le Cadet, Romain Menini, Christian Michel, Jean-Ch...
$60.00 (hb)
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