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Collaboration in Water Resource Management in Vietnam and South-East Asia
edited by Pham Quang Minh and Detlef Briesen
Water, water resources and water resource management have become one of the most challenging non-traditional cross-border security problems for humankind today. In this anthol...
$69.00 (pb)
Buddhist Responses to Religious Diversity
edited by Douglas Duckworth, Abraham Vélez de Cea and Elizabeth J. Harris
This volume discusses contemporary Buddhist responses to religious diversity from Theravādin and Tibetan Buddhist perspectives. Buddhist attitudes toward other religious ...
$100.00 (hb), $32.00 (pb)
The Ancient South Arabian Royal Edicts from the Southern Gate of Timna and the Gabal Labah
by Giovanni Mazzini
English summary: The kingdom of Qataban flourished in ancient South Arabia during the second half of the first millennium BC. There is an extensive corpus of around two thousa...
$165.00 (hb)
The Legacy of Soisalon-Soininen
edited by Tuukka Kauhanen and Hanna Vanonen and contributions by William Ross, Anssi Voitila, John A. L. Lee, Theo A. W. van der Louw, Jan Joosten, Patrick Pouchelle, Raija Sollamo, José Manuel Cañas Reíllo and contributions by Srecko Koralija, Philippe Le Moigne, Miika Tucker and Anneli Aejmelaeus
Ilmari Soisalon-Soininen (1917-2002) was a Finnish Septuagint scholar and the father of the translation-technical method in studying the nature of translations. The present vo...
$163.00 (hb)
Subjects from History
by Reinhold Baumstark and Guy Delmarcel
Rubens's Decius Mus Cycle is in many ways a first. It provides the earliest example of work for the medium of tapestry, and so illustrates the artist's approach to the challen...
$358.00 (hb)
Synthesis and modification of bicyclo[1.1.1]pentyl sulfides
by Robin Bär
Bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes (BCPs) gained interest in material sciences and as non-classical bioisosteres for para-substituted benzenes, alkynes and tert-butyl groups in drug desig...
$67.00 (pb)
A Middle English Version of the 'Circa Instans'
edited by Edurne Garrido-Anes
Cambridge, CUL, MS Ee.1.13 contains a Middle English version of the 'Liber de Simplici Medicina' ('Circa Instans'), a treatise on 'materia medica' attributed to the twelfth-ce...
$95.00 (pb)
The History of the Fujiwara House
by Mikaël Bauer
With the addition of a contextualized introduction, here is the first annotated translation of the eighth- century clan history Toshi Kaden or the History of the Fujiwara Hous...
$72.00 (hb)
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