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Stag and Stone
by Jay Johnston
Stag and Stone: Religion, Archaeology and Esoteric Aesthetics is a timely and innovative evaluation of the interdisciplinary dialogue between religious studies and archaeology...
$100.00 (hb)
by Jan Lohmann Stephensen
Creativity was once the preserve of mad geniuses, troubled souls and avant-garde eccentrics. Today we all have to be creative, a trait we expect to find thriving in and around...
$8.00 (pb)
From Guild Welfare to Bismarck Care
by Phillip Hellwege
German literature on the history of insurance stresses the importance of professional guilds for the shaping of insurance and insurance law. Similarly, scholars researching th...
$160.00 (hb)
by Jan-Hendrik Heinrichs, Markus Rüther and Mandy Stake
The improvement of cognitive capacities by means of pharmaceuticals or other technical methods originally developed for medical treatment is a field of enhancement that has no...
$24.00 (pb)
Kulturelle Dynamiken/Cultural Dynamics / Visualisierung
edited by Sabine Coelsch-Foisner and Christopher Herzog
Der Band setzt die Bilderflut wissenschaftlicher Evidenzkulturen in Bezug zur Suche nach der Sinnlichkeit und suggestiven Kraft von Bildern. Das Hauptaugenmerk richtet sich au...
$79.00 (hb)
Formation, Organisation and Development of Iron Age Societies. A Compartive View
edited by Alexander E. Sollee
The papers that have been assembled in this volume, which arose from a workshop held at the 10th ICAANE in Vienna in 2016, represent case studies that investigate processes re...
$179.00 (hb)
Ecclesiological Elements in the Theology of St. Bonaventure
by Angelina Magdalena Zamora
While Bonaventure's theology was of renewed interest in the twentieth century, the vast majority of studies focus on his Trinitarian theology, his Christology and his mystical...
$43.00 (pb)
Personal Reality, Volume 2
by Daniel Paksi
Western civilization was built on the concept of God. Today modern science, based on the critical method and so-called objective facts, denies even the existence of our soul. ...
$34.00 (pb), $28.00 (pdf)
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