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Beyond Europe
edited by Radoslaw Fiedler and Andrzej Stelmach
Beyond Europe is an interesting collection of the research papers in the area of International Relations, which provides an overview of the modern world in the light of variou...
$59.00 (pb)
Human Comes First
edited and translated by Edward Broadbridge
The Christian theology of N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) is based on the principle that humankind, created in God's image, has retained a divine spark and that image, which can ...
$80.00 (hb)
Andreas Vesalius and the 'Fabrica' in the Age of Printing
edited by Rinaldo Fernando Canalis and Massimo Ciavolella
Andreas Vesalius's fame derive from his writing of what is perhaps the most famous book in the history of medical science, De humanis corporis fabrica (1543), a treatise that ...
$130.00 (hb)
Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 93 (2018)
edited by Internationale Gutenberg-Gesellschaft and Stephan Füssel
Das Gutenberg-Jahrbuch zeichnet sich als internationales buchwissenschaftliches Publikationsorgan durch seine grosse thematische Bandbreite aus. Die typografisch hochwertig ge...
$133.00 (hb)
La Littérature et la Vie
edited by Christophe Ippolito
How should the connections that unite life and literature be analyzed? And what should be done with the notion of life in literary theory? Is it even necessary? Does it serve ...
$54.00 (pb)
Lordships of Southern Italy
by Sandro Carocci
What was the real nature of medieval lordship in southern Italy? What can this region and its history bring to the great European debates on feudalism and aristocratic powers,...
$119.00 (pb)
Book-Seams in the Hexateuch I
edited by Christoph Berner and Harald Samuel
Biblical books, which were transmitted on separate scrolls in antiquity, are not necessarily identical with books in the modern sense of a coherent and self-contained composit...
$181.00 (hb)
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