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Smart Products
edited by Sebastian Lohsse, Reiner Schulze and Dirk Staudenmayer
Some aspects of smart products have been regulated by the Digital Contracts Directives adopted in 2019. However, smart products not only are an important subject for contract ...
$81.00 (hb)
The Multimodal Analysis of Online Newspapers
by Mariavita Cambria and Rosalba Rizzo
This is a book for teachers wanting to make use of online news sources with secondary, post-secondary and university EFL students, particularly those who are pursuing studies ...
$95.00 (hb), $34.95 (pb)
The Cult of St Swithun
by Michael Lapidge
St Swithun was an obscure ninth-century bishop of Winchester about whom little was, and is, known. But following the translation of his relics from a conspicuous tomb into the...
$160.00 (hb)
The Overseas Trade of Boston, 1279-1548
by Stephen H. Rigby and Robert C. Nash
At the start of the fourteenth century, Boston (Lincolnshire), was one of England's largest and wealthiest towns and played a leading role in the country's overseas trade, att...
$35.00 (hb)
Dominicans and Franciscans in Medieval Rome
by Joan Barclay Lloyd
When Saint Dominic (c. 1174-1221) came to Rome to seek papal approval of the Order of Preachers, he founded two houses on the periphery of the city - a nunnery at S. Sisto, in...
$138.00 (hb)
The Shema in John's Gospel
by Lori A. Baron
The Shema (Deut 6:4-5) is the lens through which Lori A. Baron explores Johannine Christology and the fraught relationship between John's Gospel and Judaism. She begins by exa...
$112.00 (pb)
Luigi Boccherini
by Babette Kaiserkern, foreword by Steven Isserlis
'Ingenious, elegant, and pleasing - a treat for the most refined listeners and critical judges of musical composition'. Thus wrote Charles Burney in the 18th century about the...
$70.00 (hb)
by Brian Benjamin Hansen
Ovartaci (Louis Marcussen) (1894-1985) is one of the most enthralling Danish artists of the 20th century. Ovartaci lived at a mental institution from 1929 and to the end of hi...
$40.00 (hb)
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