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From Carrickfergus to Carcassonne
edited by Paul Duffy, Tadhg O'Keeffe and Jean-Michel Picard
'From Carrickfergus to Carcassonne...' has its genesis in the IRC funded exhibition of the same name which explores the unlikely links between medieval Ulster and Languedoc. <...
$112.00 (hb)
Political Reforms in Qatar
by Cihat Battaloglu
In the past decade, Qatar has emerged as one of the world's most proactive mediators in the international arena. It has also experienced a number of domestic changes to its ec...
$94.00 (hb)
Order and Confusion
by Fred Ahsmann
Order and Confusion is the title of a groundbreaking and monumental reconstruction of the twelfth-century choir of St. Servatius Minster in Maastricht, based on its scholarly ...
$100.00 (hb)
The Mosaics of Thessaloniki Revisited
edited by Antony Eastmond and Myrto Hatzaki
The impetus for the workshop was the recent publication The Mosaics of Thessaloniki, 4th-14th century (Athens: Kapon editions, 2012), by C. Bakirtzis, E. Kourkoutidou-Nikolaid...
$53.00 (pb)
God's Power for Salvation
edited by C. Breytenbach
In this volume the proceedings of the 24th Colloqium Oecumenicum Paulinum, which gathered from September 12-17 2016 in the Abbazia di San Paolo fuori le mura to study the firs...
$95.00 (pb)
by Jean-Daniel Macchi, translated by Carmen Palmer
The Book of Esther is one of the five Megillot. It tells the story of a Jewish girl in Persia, who becomes queen and saves her people from a genocide. The story of Esther form...
$87.00 (hb)
Ecocriticism - Environments in Anglophone Literatures
edited by Sonja Frenzel and Birgit Neumann
During the past twenty-five years, ecocriticism has become an increasingly prolific field of study. Broadly speaking, ecocriticism examines historically variable concepts of n...
$44.00 (pb)
The Beginning of a Spirit-filled Church
by Herman Hendrik van Alten
How does John Calvin view the church? And how does the pivotal event of Pentecost influence his view on the church? In his commentary on the Acts of the Apostles Calvin shows ...
$100.00 (hb)
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