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Doing Business with Germans
by Sylvia Schroll-Machl
ISBN-13 9783525461679
ISBN-10 3525461674


Spatial use and habitat selection of white-tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) in northern Germany
by Friederike Scholz
ISBN-13 9783832527006
ISBN-10 3832527001


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by R.J. Lynch
This book articulates and defends an original account of the concept of care. The definition of care that is put forward describes acts of care as those which successfully pro...
$88.00 (pb)
Fathers, Warriors, and Vigilantes
by Ahu Tanrisever
In times of crisis, society turns to its heroes. But what functions do hero figures serve? How are representations of masculinity both symbols and participants within greater ...
$49.00 (hb)
Introduction to SuperCollider
by Andrea Valle
Originally developed by James McCartney in 1996 and now an open source project, SuperCollider is a software package for the synthesis and control of audio in real time. Curren...
$63.00 (pb)
Landmarks in CALL Research
edited by Greg Kessler
This volume features the most frequently cited articles from CALICO journal over the past twenty years, from 1995-2015. This period of time represents the era of the Internet ...
$24.95 (pb)
edited by Annette Weissenrieder
In this volume, an international group of archaeologists, classicists, historians and biblical scholars investigates diverse terms, performances and qualities of borders and i...
$210.00 (hb)
Jan van Kessel I (1626-1679)
by Nadia Baadj
The Antwerp artist Jan van Kessel the Elder (1626-1679) was esteemed throughout Europe for producing finely-wrought, miniature paintings on copper that depict a wide range of ...
$150.00 (hb)
International Arbitration - Comparative and Swiss Concepts
by Daniel Girsberger and Nathalie Voser
This book was written by two internationally known experts in arbitration both as academics and as practitioners. Concise yet comprehensive, it describes and analyzes the law ...
$237.00 (hb)
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