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The Composition, Theology, and Early Reception of Matthew's Gospel
edited by Joseph Verheyden, Jens Schröter and David C. Sim
The majority of the essays in this volume were originally presented at a colloquium held at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven in December 2018. The co...
$202.00 (hb)
Disentangling Justice
by Sandra Gilgen
What is fair? The choice of an allocation norm, whether it be need, merit or equality, can either foster cooperation or conflict. Because of the general irreconcilability of t...
$41.00 (pb)
Fire and Life Insurance in the Dutch Republic
by Delphine Sirks
The thesis researches the influence of marine insurance law on the development of fire and life insurance law in the Dutch Republic (1581-1795). Fire and life insurance are of...
$145.00 (hb)
The Tables of 1322 by John of Lignères
by José Chabás and Marie-Madeleine Saby
Medieval astronomers used tables to solve most of the problems they faced. These tables were generally assembled in sets, which constituted genuine tool-boxes aimed at facilit...
$85.00 (hb)
'It is the theory which decides what can be observed'
by Daniel Kruse
The worldwide increase in societal challenges, such as climate change, political instability, and economic volatility, puts pressure on institutions, organisations, and indivi...
$66.00 (pb)
Diplomacy in Southeastern Europe
edited by Petra Mayrhofer and Oliver Rathkolb and contributions by Effie Pedaliu, Bostjan Udovic, Tvrtko Jakovina, Oliver Rathkolb, Petra Mayrhofer and Miso Kapetanovic
This issue of zeitgeschichte offers a comprehensive survey of aspects of Yugoslav foreign policy during Cold War détente. Due to its geostrategic location on the Balkan penins...
$32.00 (pb)
Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Comunale di Roma. 122, 2021

$456.00 (hb)
Jesuit and Pietist Missions in the Eighteenth Century
edited by Markus Friedrich and Holger Zaunstöck
In the long 18th century, the hitherto predominant Catholic missionary activity overseas received noticeable competition from new Christianisation projects initiated by Protes...
$63.00 (pb)
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