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The Karaite Mourners of Zion and the Qumran Scrolls
by Yoram Erder
This book is dedicated to studying the Karaite Mourners of Zion-the leading faction within the Karaite movement during its formative period (9th - 11th century). Like all Kara...
$119.00 (hb)
The Nag Hammadi Codices and Late Antique Egypt
edited by Hugo Lundhaug and Lance Jenott
The essays in this volume situate the Nag Hammadi Codices and their texts in the context of late antique Egypt, treating such topics as Coptic readers and readings, the diffic...
$143.00 (pb)
Traditional South Asian Medicine TSAM, Vol. 9
edited by Rahul Peter Das
Traditional South Asian Medicine is devoted to the study of all aspects of traditional South Asian medical systems both historical and contemporary, as well as matters relatin...
$74.00 (pb)
Guillaume de Machaut, The Complete Poetry and Music, Volume 9
edited by R. Barton Palmer and Jacques Boogaart
This long overdue new edition of Guillaume de Machaut's twenty-three motets, the largest surviving collection of such works by a single composer in this period, is based on th...
$39.95 (pb), $99.00 (hb)
From Destination to Integration - Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Vienna
edited by Josef Kohlbacher and Leonardo Schiocchet
In 2015 Austria took on about 90,000 asylum applications - one of the highest figures per population in Europe. The Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ISR) partnered w...
$30.00 (pb)

Suet Yi Chan wurde 1987 in Guangdong, im Süden Chinas, geboren und lebte später in Hongkong. Es war vor allem die Literatur, die sie faszinierte. Das Interesse für d...
$33.95 (hb)
Politeness Phenomena across Chinese Genres
edited by Xinren Chen
This volume looks at politeness phenomena in a culture and country that is becoming the most influential in the world. It is the first book to survey politeness variations acr...
$100.00 (hb)
Chemins du cartésianisme
edited by Antonella Del Prete and Raffaele Carbone
This work contributes to the vast domain of studies that is the history of Cartesianism. Analyzing a way of thinking that remains fresh due to its ability to manifest itself i...
$54.00 (pb)
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