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George and Emily Eden
by Brigid Allen
George and Emily Eden were a devoted sibling pair. Both unmarried, they were accepted as a mildly unconventional couple by friends in the dynastically conscious governing clas...
$75.00 (hb), $38.00 (pb), $31.00 (pdf), $30.99 (oth)
The Lover's Confession
translated by Brian Gastle and Catherine Carter
John Gower's Confessio Amantis (The Lover's Confession) is one of the most important English works of the Fourteenth Century. Within its frame of the lovesick lover's confessi...
$47.95 (pb), $89.00 (hb)
Didactics of Polish as a Foreign and Second Language against the European Background
by Przemyslaw E. Gebal and Wladyslaw T. Miodunka
This volume starts with an overview of the history of teaching Polish as a foreign language from the beginning of the 16th century to 1939. The authors then present the rapid ...
$52.00 (hb)
This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made
by Nicholas Denysenko
How do Orthodox Christians celebrate Pascha (Easter) and Christmas? What is the purpose of the blessing of waters? How does the Orthodox liturgical year compare with Western C...
$32.00 (pb)
Kloster Lorsch und seine Bauten
by Katarina Papajanni
English summary: Brought together for the first time in a large-format volume these 160 images - including engravings and paintings as well as historical and modern site plans...
$60.00 (hb)
Sanctuaries and Experience
edited by Greg Woolf, Ilaria Bultrighini and Camilla Norman
Ancient religion is traditionally understood in terms of myths, rituals and institutions, as transmitted in ancient texts. The studies gathered here focus instead on the lived...
$118.00 (pb)
The Cult of St Swithun
by Michael Lapidge
St Swithun was an obscure ninth-century bishop of Winchester about whom little was, and is, known. But following the translation of his relics from a conspicuous tomb into the...
$160.00 (hb)
A Cathedral of Constitutional Law
edited by Anton Milh and Mark Butaye, translated by Brian Heffernan
In 1965, the Belgian Dominican friar Antoninus Hendrik Thomas published a critical reconstruction of the oldest Constitutions of the Dominican Order. Meticulously he pointed o...
$155.00 (pb)
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