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Conceptualizing Maritime & Naval Strategy
edited by Sebastian Bruns and Sarandis Papadopoulos
The 21st century is witnessing renewed tension as conflicts between major powers, serious concerns about future security alliances and global, even generational, security poli...
$113.00 (pb)
The Church of Antioch and the Eucharistic Traditions (ca. 35-130 CE)
by Amiel Drimbe
According to Amiel Drimbe, with the exception of Mark 14:22-25, all the Eucharistic traditions of the first Christian century (ca. 35-130 CE) can be traced back to the church ...
$118.00 (pb)
by Lise Hannestad
When the vast empire of Alexander the Great broke up, the Macedonian general Seleucus secured the lion's share for himself and went on to become the longest-lived of Alexander...
$40.00 (hb)
Religious Education at Schools in Europe
edited by Martin Rothgangel, Dorothea Rechenmacher and Martin Jäggle
At a time when educational issues have increasingly come to determine the social and political discourse and major reforms of the education system are being discussed and impl...
$50.00 (hb)
Oral and Written Communication in the Medieval Countryside
edited by Anna Adamska and Marco Mostert
Much has been published over the last decades on the uses of literacy by the clergy, nobility, and town dwellers of the Middle Ages. By comparison, very little attention has b...
$156.00 (hb)
The Cradle of Laws
edited by Robert Zbíral
In almost all states, laws (statutes) serve as the most important instruments to prompt social, economic or institutional change. Parliaments traditionally used to be consider...
$60.00 (pb)
Ancient Egyptian Biographies
edited by Julie Stauder-Porchet, Elizabeth Frood and Andéas Stauder
(Auto-)biography is a genre of ancient Egyptian written discourse that was central to high culture from its earliest periods. Belonging to the nonroyal elites, these texts pre...
$89.95 (hb), $72.00 (pdf)
Innovation and entrepreneurship
edited by Marcin Lis and Michal Szyszka
In recent years, there has been a growing awareness that innovation plays the key role in the success and the functioning of organizations. This publication reveals an interdi...
$59.00 (pb)
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