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Peoples and Borders
edited by Elena Calandri, Simone Paoli and Antonio Varsori
Movement of people has been a key feature in the whole history of European integration. While existing literature has mostly adopted national viewpoints and a socioeconomic pe...
$111.00 (pb)
The Greek-Turkish War 1919-1922
by Heinz A. Richter
This study analyzes the causes of the Asia Minor catastrophe of 1922 and puts it in the context of international policy of that time. At the same time internal developments in...
$38.00 (hb)
The Garima Gospels
by Judith S. McKenzie and Francis Watson, with preface and photographs by Michael Gervers
The three Garima Gospels are the earliest surviving Ethiopian gospel books. They provide glimpses of lost late antique luxury gospel books and art of the fifth to seventh cent...
$75.00 (hb)
The Introduction of Christianity into the Early Medieval Insular World
edited by Roy Flechner and Máire Ní Mhaonaigh
Conversion to Christianity is arguably the most revolutionary social and cultural change that Europe experienced throughout Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Christian...
$156.00 (hb)
The Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon
by Alin Suciu
The incomplete state in which many Coptic writings have survived makes them difficult to assess, and the text studied in this book is no exception. Preserved in two fragmentar...
$149.00 (hb)
Early English Poetic Culture and Meter
edited by M. J. Toswell and Lindy Brady
This volume develops G. R. Russom's contributions to early English meter and style, including his fundamental reworkings and rethinkings of accepted and oft-repeated mantras, ...
$89.00 (hb)
Ranulph Higden, Speculum Curatorum - A Mirror for Curates. Book II
by E. Crook and M. Jennings
Ranulph Higden's Speculum curatorum was composed in England about 1350. Book II treats the types and originating circumstances of all sin, but mostly focuses on the seven capi...
$91.00 (pb)
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