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The Flood
by N. Wasserman
The story of the primeval cataclysmic flood which wiped out all life on earth, save for one family, is found in different ancient Mesopotamian texts whence it reached the Bibl...
$90.00 (hb), $113.00 (pdf)
Environmental Ethics
edited by Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach and Madalina Diaconu
The volume Environmental Ethics: Cross-cultural Explorations places cross-cultural study at the center of inquiry. The cross-culturally rich explorations collected in this vol...
$43.00 (hb)
Popes, Bishops, and the Progress of Canon Law, c.1120-1234
by Anne J. Duggan and edited by Travis Baker
Bishops have always played a central role in the making and enforcement of the law of the Church, and none more so than the bishop of Rome. From convening and presiding over c...
$176.00 (hb)
Athens II
edited by Ilinca Tanaseanu-Döbler and Leonie von Alvensleben
Together with Jerusalem and Rome, Athens stands today as a symbol of European culture. This image goes back a long way, having received a lasting imprint from the developments...
$202.00 (hb)
The Singing Voice in Contemporary Cinema
edited by Diane Hughes and Mark Evans
This volume focuses on the singing voice in contemporary cinema from 1945 to the present day, and rather than being restricted to one particular genre, considers how the singi...
$34.00 (pb), $100.00 (hb)
How to Survive as a Psychotherapist
by Nina Coltart
Nina Coltart's classic work, How to Survive as a Psychotherapist, was written over a quarter of a century ago and yet still resonates today with sage advice for the aspiring a...
$24.95 (pb), $20.00 (pdf), $19.99 (oth)
Receptions of the Ancient Near East in Popular Culture and Beyond
edited by Lorenzo Verderame and Agnès Garcia-Ventura
This book is an enthusiastic celebration of the ways in which popular culture has consumed aspects of the ancient Near East to construct new realities. The editors have brough...
$32.95 (pb), $27.00 (pdf)
Text-Bild-Objekte im archäologischen Kontext
edited by Kathrin Gabler, Rita Gautschy, Lukas Bohnenkämper, Hanna Jenni, Clémentine Reymond, Ruth Zillhardt, Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs and Hans-Hubertus Münch
English summary: Ancient Egypt has bequeathed us a rich archaeological heritage of texts and images. Their meaning often becomes apparent only when their spatial dimension is ...
$91.00 (hb)
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