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The Sheep People
by Kristin Armstrong Oma
The overarching aim of The Sheep People is to examine what happens to the understanding of past societies when animals are perceived as sentient beings, agents with the abilit...
$100.00 (hb)
Flowers of Battle, Volume III
by Ken Mondschein and Greg Mele
The warriors of medieval Italy practised a complex and complete martial art, which included the wielding of sword, axe and spear with wrestling, knife-fighting and mounted com...
$99.95 (hb)
Organizing the Written Word
edited by Marco Mostert
The ways in which we search for information today often differ from the ways literate individuals in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages interacted with manuscripts in search o...
$104.00 (hb)
A New Organon
edited by Friedrich Cain and Bernhard Kleeberg
When Poland gained independence in 1918, it became an urgent priority to secure information on just how the state and society ought to be organized. Up until 1939, the journal...
$98.00 (hb)
Property, Power, and Authority in Rus and Latin Europe, ca. 1000-1236
by Yulia Mikhailova
This book intertwines two themes in medieval studies hitherto kept apart: comparisons of Latin and Orthodox Europe and the "feudal revolution" of the late- and post-Carolingia...
$115.00 (hb)
Muslim Christian Relations Observed
by Robert Setio, edited by Volker Küster
The Indonesian Dutch Consortium on Muslim-Christian Relations brought together academics, intellectuals as well as social activists from both countries, Christians and Muslims...
$43.00 (pb)
The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods
by Kim Tae-gon
This is the first monograph on the subject to be published in English. It comprises 130 full-colour plates of shaman gods.

Supported by two introductory chapters ...

$99.00 (hb)
A New Divinity
edited by Michael A.G. Haykin and Mark Jones and contributions by Ian Clary, Daniel Cooley, Nathan Finn, Paul Helm, Paul Helseth, Michael Haykin, Mark A. Herzer, HyunKwan Kim, D. Patrick Ramsey, Robert Smart, Douglas Sweeney, William VanDoodewaard and Mark Jones
This is a study on Reformed theological debates during the "Long Eighteenth Century" in Britain and New England. By "Long" a period that goes beyond 1700-1799 is in view. This...
$113.00 (hb)
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